A multimedia installation that transforms one woman’s journey with cancer into an immersive experience that connects all


Notes To A Friend: The Experience is the fourth installation of a project began by Yuri Angela Chung as a response to her personal experience with cancer. A unique collaboration with actress Embeth Davidtz, a breast cancer survivor herself, the creative technology studio Space Craft and architect Jackie Park, Notes to a Friend: The Experience will invite visitors to experience a unique immersive experience of Yuri’s notes.  


We are in the process of making Notes To A Friend: The Experience a reality! Check out our Kickstarter campaign here!

Our current goal is $50,000. This will enable us to turn Notes To A Friend into an experience in New York that anybody can visit and share. This will allow us to rent space for a month, letterpress the notes and secure the technology needed to activate the notes—projectors, computers, speakers and the like. 

We're planning for this to happen in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We thought this would be the perfect time to elevate awareness about cancer and help to normalize the conversations around it. The installation will be up and running throughout the month for anybody to come visit. We'll also be using the space to host events throughout the month. Cancer is a lot of things, but one thing it is not is easy to talk about. 

Please follow us on Instagram for updates and connect with us if you would like to be involved in any way. We look forward to seeing you there!

Click below to watch the full prototype video with Embeth's audio!

Click below to watch the full prototype video with Embeth's audio!




There are currently 21 notes that I've written, all of which you can read here. They will be letterpressed as 18” x 24” posters and mounted on the walls in the space. The idea is that they’ll be blind debossed, which means the words will be pressed onto the paper without ink. While they will still be able to be read, the idea is they’re not really “activated” until the actual note is being read by Embeth in the space. The audio of her voice triggers the projection mapping, which fills the words with light, a form of digital “ink.” This is where technology comes in. 

The Ink

There will be around eight to ten projectors mounted in the space, possibly less depending on the quality of projectors we’re able to secure. These projectors will be part of a system that synchronizes the playback of the audio and video throughout the space. In order to achieve this, the budget will include multiple networked computers capable of handling multi-output high resolution playback. Alternative options come with tradeoffs: higher costs, lower quality of execution, etc. We’re ultimately striving for the most cost effective way to execute this project without compromising the quality of experience we’re trying to create. 

The Voice

We are planning for a surround sound system if one doesn’t already exist in the space.We considered individual speakers tied to each note, but given the complexities already tied to other parts of this installation, we thought it would be best to keep this part simple, yet impactful. A surround sound system will allow Embeth’s voice to envelop the people within the space, creating an immersive experience that maximizes the impact of the notes.

The Space

We’re confident we’ll be able to find a place SOMEWHERE in New York, and the question becomes more about exactly WHERE in New York. Our ideal space would be somewhere withlots of foot traffic that’s easily accessible—we’re hoping the installation will attract not only the person who’s heard about it, but also the passerby who happens to chance upon it. It would also be great if it was a gallery-type space that's 1,000+ square feet. A neutral space with white walls will really allow for the notes to be front and center.



The Voice

Embeth Davidtz is an actress whose screen roles have included movies such as Schindler's List, Matilda, Junebug nd The Amazing Spider-Man. Also a breast cancer survivor herself, Embeth has spoken publicly about her personal experience and has made it her mission to help educate women about the different resources available to them.


The Creative Technologists

SPACE CRAFT is a design squad consisting ofJason Tucker and Mike Degen that focuses on URL + IRL experiences. In addition to Notes To A Friend, other recent projects include establishing the identity for y-combinator startup Wright Electric and collaborating to produce a video for Eco Share Space.

Mike is a Boston based experience designer who brings ideas to life through the medium of technology. He contributes his skills to both conceptualizing and coding the user interfaces and experiences.

Jason is a Boston based multi-disciplinary designer with a passion for developing intelligent strategies, crafting beautiful identities, and creating quality products that combine a considered approach with emerging technologies.


The Architect

Jackie Park is an architect who is passionate about designing both processes and physical spaces. She is currently based in New York and works at Architizer.